TN Visa, Marriage to U.S. Citizen, & AOS Process

The following provides an outline of the TN visa to green card process based on marriage to a U.S. citizen and focuses on the Adjustment of Status (AOS) application process option.

I-130 Petition

As with all other options, the U.S. citizen must "sponsor" the TN visa worker for the green card, and must prove the bona fides of the marriage (I-130 petition).

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AOS Requirements

The TN visa worker must meet the basic requirements for AOS (I-485 Adjustment of Status application).

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Financial Support

As required in all other options, the U.S. citizen must agree to financially support the applicant (I-864 Affidavit of Support).

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TN Status Issues

The TN visa worker must also assess the potential issues that arise on account of filing for AOS while under TN status.

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