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TN Visa News

Welcome to the TN Visa Bulletin written by U.S. immigration attorney Brian D. Zuccaro.

This Bulletin is dedicated to the TN visa temporary worker classification and serves as a source of information for Canadian and Mexican citizens navigating through this deceptively simple U.S. immigration visa category.

Although the TN visa classification originated out of the North American Free Trade Agreement with the promise of facilitating trade in services under transparent criteria, this is hardly the case in today's U.S. immigration environment. U.S. immigration's increasingly enforcement minded attitude, which frequently results in denials that can affect future U.S. travel or carry severe penalties, underscores the importance of a diligently and well prepared TN visa application.

The U.S. immigration landscape changes incessantly. Information on the law, rules, and procedures are not always easily accessible. The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide Canadian and Mexican citizens, as well as their prospective U.S. employers, with up-to-date information on the TN visa classification. Individuals interested in learning more about the TN visa, or in having their application prepared by Brian D. Zuccaro, Esq., may contact us for more information.