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Starting April 26th No More Paper I-94 Cards at Air/Sea POEs

Effective April 26, 2013, individuals (including TN visa workers) traveling to the U.S. through air and sea ports of entry will no longer receive a paper-based I-94 card. CBP is transitioning to an automated process where it will create an electronic Form I-94 based on information received from air / sea carriers and other sources.

If an individual requires a paper copy of his/her I-94 card, e.g. to present as evidence of employment authorization for I-9 purposes, or if filing an I-129 petition for an extension of TN visa status, he/she can print out a copy of the I-94 at In order to access his/her I-94 card from this web site, the individual will be required to enter information from his/her passport.

At this time, CBP is only implementing this automated process for individuals arriving at air and sea ports of entry. The agency plans to expand the automation of the Form I-94 to other methods of transportation in the future.


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